The Eyes Behind The Bifocals

Ben Franklin, a scientist, is an amazing guy, inventor, and scientist. He invented the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin Stove and the Odometer.  He hated slavery and tried to stop it.  He also helped draft the Declaration of Independence.  Ben was on the rebel’s side for the Revolutionary War. His brother went to prison because he made an insulting article.  He thought soap and candle making was boring so he decided to be a printer, and continue his brother’s article.  His father was Joseph Franklin and his mother was Abiah Folger.  His wife was Deborah Read and had two children, Frankie and Sally.  All the things he invented were at his home, now known as the Franklin House.  I think it is weird that he decided to be a scientist when he was 40 years old and still came up with many inventions.  Now you know most of the things about the scientist Ben Franklin.


The Math Module

Khan Academy is a math website.  I have learned different kinds of math.  It’s a fun website where this one man invented You Tube videos for his cousin to help her with math.  Then Khan Academy website formed.  This website requires an email.  I hope all the people that are reading this comment go to Khan Academy.  It’s a free and non-for-profit website.  If you don’t understand the problem then you can watch a You Tube video.  There are a lot of motivating things such as badges and energy points.  Sal Khan (Khan academy creator) talked about our class in Los Altos High School.  We do goals to improve our work and reflect on  them.  This creator has made a magnificent website and can make every day life fun, every time I go there I learn something new whether it’s prime numbers or significant figures.  My classmates and I work together to become proficient in more things and know how to do modules.  Khan academy makes every day a little more exciting.

The Woman That Collects Fossils

We had a science project starting out with choosing our own partners.  Me and my partner chose Mary Anning as our scientist.  She is a biologist.  Mary was born in a poor family of ten children in an English town called Lyme Regis.  She started very young when she found some interest in digging fossils to make little money.  Mary Anning as 8 months old, shocked her parents by surviving a lightning strike.  When Mary aged, she taught herself geology, anteomy, paleontology, and scientific illustration.  Her father died of a fall of a cliff and an illness when she was very young.  Mary Anning died at age 47 because of breast cancer.  She strikes me as a brave, strong, and smart lady.

Who Really Was The Best Scientist Who Ever Lived?

This Scientist is Johannes Kepler. Johannes Kepler was an amazing scientist. He had the task of understanding the orbit of Mars. His first law ”was that planets are ellipses and the sun is at one focus”. His second law was an ellipse is something that is the line joining the planet to the sun. It sweeps out equal areas in equal times as the planets travels around the ellipse. He also was the man who founded the Celestial Mechanics. ” He grew up in a small town named Weill Der Stant. He moved to a town near Leon berg with his parents in 1576.  He was born on December 27, 1571. He died November 15, 1630 in Regensburg, Germany because of a fever. Who do you think the most interesting scientist is? If you would like to know more about Johannes Kepler you can visit , and

The Amazing Bull Shark

Bull sharks, also known as carcharhinus leucas, are one of the most dangerous sharks. This is because when you punch or hit it in the face for it to go away, it will not budge, but more likely to attack. They usually grow up to be 16 years old. There length is 7-11.5 feet. They weigh from 200-500 pounds. These sharks can give up 1-13 pups in one litter. However, the coolest thing is that these sharks are one of few to be able to survive in freshwater. They do this by using a process called reverse osmosis. If you would like to know more about these fascinating creatures, don’t watch T.V, but research.

¡¡¡¡¡¡BOOM!!!!!! There Goes the First Atomic Bomb of World War I!!!

I have been researching Niels Bohr, the man who found out about the existence of the atom. For his great works he was awarded a Nobel Prize. He was awarded the Order of the Elephant by the Danish government. He won a gold medal competition sponsored by the Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. To find out more about Niels Bohr, visit:

What We Did and What I Hope Will Happen

My favorite project so far was making our scientist. It was fun building a scientist. It was like making a video game character. We got to chose what name, gender, age, and drew how he looked. Another activity I liked was something we did on the first day, popping balloons. We did it to learn about our classmates, and I learned a lot about my friends. My last favorite thing we did was in History/ Social Studies. We made island maps of something our group agreed on. I hope we will learn more and have more homework since we have not enough.

Go to School At Home for Free!

Do you want to learn math in a fun way? If your answer was yes, then you should use Khan Academy. All you need to have to start Khan Academy is a Gmail account. There are over 150 exercises and over 2,400 videos covering physics, finance, arithmetic, and history. You can learn at your own pace without any time limits or due dates. It covers from grades 1-12 work. There are video(s) for each subject and exercise, so if you don’t understand something, you can just watch a video. The videos are very clear. To get started on Khan Academy, go to

Who Found Out About Radium?

Marie Curie studied radium and radioactivity. Even though she knows that it is dangerous, and could effect her health, she loved radium and radioattvity. She thought that it the most beautiful thing in the world. Later it effected her when she was about to have her 3rd baby. The baby did not make it to the face of the earth. Though she knew that radioactivity is dangerous, she did not bother to tell anyone but her husband, Pierre. She did not tell her two daughters,Eve and Irene, either. She let them around her while she was working with the chemicals and radioactivity. Her husband died by being run over by a horse drawn wagon. After that she cured soldiers and trained over one hundred women to cure them too. She died at age 66, July 4,1934. Quiz questions: What was the name of Marie’s husband? How many children did she have? What were their names? How did her husband die?

Do you want to know more? Go to…marie-curie-bio.html

The Truth Behind the Light Bulb

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, right? Wrong. It was Humphry Davy in 1806. “Who invented the light bulb?” Your teacher asks your class. Someone raises their hand. “Thomas Edison”, they say confidently. “Wrong,” the teacher says. A few people gasp, but now since you know who it was, its your time to shine. You raise your hand. you say, “Humphry Davy,” Your teacher will be impressed. She will tell you that you are correct. That is what will happen if you read this. Like I said, Humphry David invented the light bulb in 1806. He made Thomas Edison famous though. Thomas Edison improved it to last for twelve hours rather than one second, like Humphry Davy’s version. So, now you know The Truth Behind the Light bulb.